Your Purchases Help Small Farmers


Your purchases through the Avocado Diva helps in more ways then one:

You help the small farmers and ranchers that we source from - who often cannot sell their rare and unique avocados (the big packing houses only buy Hass - in general).
Many of these small farms rely on their own family members to pick, weed, water, and do the daily labor - the Diva buys direct from many small farms - and

Happy Holidays -- Eat Your Cake and Enjoy It Too!

Yummy Goodness - at less than 1/2 the calories of butter, cheese, mayo...

It's almost Christmas - it's already Chanukah, soon it will be New Years - so Happy Holidays everyone! Why not celebrate with some delicious, healthy, nutritious California winter avocados? Here are some AMAZING statistics on how you can indulge - and still reduce the calories!

This is from the California Avocado

Winter Avocados Make A Light Fruit Salad

Winter Fuyu Persimmons and Winter Avocados (Bacon featured here) along with
California nuts make a unique and delicious fruit salad. 

In California - we are lucky enough to even have farmer's markets in the winter. In December - we can get beautiful fruits - like winter avocados, Fuyu persimmons and all kinds of nuts. With the Diva's basket full of these delicious items - she "tisket - a -

Cute 'Cado Christmas Tree

Are you busy at this time of the year?!  Yes?!  So is the Avocado Diva! We are shipping out heritage avocados ALL over the country. Love that people are so hungry for our Moorpark (and Somis and Santa Rosa Valley) avocados. 

So while we are busy shipping -- here's a recipe from the Hass people -- seems pretty easy and fun too. 

So excuse our lack of blog posts -- and for this "cheater" blog