Did You Have a Tree House ---??

Inside a "Cathedral Like" huge, old avocado tree

This past week I had the pleasure of taking two journalists to a remote ranch here in southern California. It was an ideal day – blue skies, thin winter clouds running across the arch of sky, like streamers fluttering quickly before the rain storm predicted - rare rain. 

Both of these young ladies had never been in an orchard, they disclosed

Super Guac Sunday (PLAN AHEAD!)

YUMMINESS on Super Bowl Sunday requires forethought!

Super Bowl Sunday has become known as “Super Guacamole
Sunday”.  Which makes sense, right
– since we’re watching an All American Game – and eating a Mexican inspired
snack.  Wait – what?!

This is a FAIL - not allowed -- (cringe...)

Anyway – the thing is, we LOVE us some guacamole.


Time for Guacamole

The Diva is launching a second blog - this one is called "52 Weeks of Guacamole" -- so you can guess what it's all about...

Won't you check it out? Perhaps follow it?


That's it for today folks!

It's time for BACON (avocados, that is!)

A Bacon avocado next to a grocery store Hass in Winter

Check out a Bacon (heritage variety) of avocado compared to a foreign grown, typical grocery store avocado you might find in the store during winter. 

Bacon avocados are a wonderful, winter avocado that grows well here in Moorpark. Bacons do not TASTE like pork-bacon; however, they are just as delicious as bacon! (Note: heritage