Avocados for Thanksgiving?!

Winter avocados and late-season Hass avocados make a great addition to your Thanksgiving table. Zutanos and small Bacon's are just ripening - and can add color, flavor, creaminess as well as loads of protien, vitamins, minerals and much needed fiber to your traditional turkey dinner. 

The Diva suggests you think about adding avocados like this:
(a) - add to your salad for extra fiber
(b) -

How to Ripen an Avocado


Now that you know Winter Variety Avocados are on their way (Zutano, Bacon, Fuerte - YUM!) here is the answer to the most common question the Avocado Diva hears:

"How do I ripen my avocado?"

Ripening Tips for Avocados:

(1) you CAN refrigerate them (in the crisper is best). Don't do it for too long (no more than a week or 10 days at max). This will extend

Winter Avocados ALMOST Here...

Winter Avocado Variety: Fuerte - Delicious! 

Did you know there are "summer" avocados and "winter" avocados? They are an interesting fruit -- with over 500 varieties in California alone. There are over 1,500 kinds world wide. 

Most people only know about the "classic" summer fruit -- Hass.  (It's pronounced like it's spelled folks... my kids feel like they get a pass on a cuss word...)

Rattle Snakes - Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Photo by Plato Skouras - Happy Camp Canyon, Moorpark, CA

Check out this amazing and slightly creepy snake couple. Then watch the video link below. It was taken by my neighbor this past weekend while he was riding his bike in Happy Camp Canyon - a local trail here in Moorpark. (Less than 3 miles from the Diva's headquarters).  Happy Camp is surrounded by -- gulp -- AVOCADO ORCHARDS!