Green = Most Vitamins and Minerals

Lamb - note the darker green flesh next to skin

If you want to get the MOST vitamins and minerals out of your avocado - then follow this simple trick:

Make sure you get all the deep GREEN flesh! 

That's right, either
PEEL your avocado's skin
SCRAPE the skin with a spoon

The deeper the green color, the more vitamins and minerals in that part of the fruit's flesh.

If you have a winter

Wakey Wakey - Eggs and Bacey (Bacon Avocados!)

Can I just share that I live in paradise?    No?  Too bad... ;-)  Keep reading for the recipe...

Can I just share that I live in paradise? This is a photo of a sunset (I wanted you to think its a sun rise - but seriously -- the Diva does not get up that early) from my neighbor's porch. It's actually my sister's porch (who is also my neighbor) - so how lucky is that?

Anyway - it's sunrise