Jack O 'Cados

Zombie - those are some lovely brains to eat!

Did you know the original Jack-O-Lanterns were probably made out of turnips (in Europe)? Pumpkins are a Native American squash - so when our fore-mothers had to make do in America, you know they probably just looked around and found something easier and cheaper here.  I can just hear a New England (harried) mother saying "Josiah! Don't waste my

Recap - Carpinteria Avocado Festival

Seriously - what could be better than avocados, California wine and hand-crafted treasures on the beach? Throw in a spectacular fall day - and it's seriously the California lifestyle at its very best.

Here are some photos of all that was there. Put next year's dates on your calendar NOW and make sure you visit. It was a great event for kids, parents, singles, -- any one with a pulse. ;-)


The Diva Needs YOUR Input - Avo Tour?!

HUGE avocado trees growing near Somis

Do you ever wish you were "the Diva"?! Wish you could do things the Diva gets to do, see, experience, and visit? 

Here's a list of things she is wondering if YOU would like to see, do, experience, visit...

Small orchards with several varieties of avocados
Beautiful farms and orchards
Farm animals 
Pick Your Own Farms
Historic Farm Houses & Ranches

Avocado Festival This Weekend!

Who wants to chow down on avocado treats at the beach?! This is the weekend to do it.

The Carpinteria Avocado Festival is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in my FAVORITE beach town! Think Santa Barbara beauty without the snob factor. ;-)

This festival is FREE! No wonder they are celebrating their 25th year of "Peace, Love and Guacamole"!

The festival is known for it's MUSIC - which is also

Chef's Treatment of Heritage Avocados

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We'll -- here's 4,000 words from the Avocado Diva's dinner at Cafe Firenze. Chef John Paolone outdid himself using the Diva's amazing, unique, rare avocados. If you attended - leave a comment on what was your favorite dish. If you missed it - another one is going to be held at Chef Fabio Viviani (of Top Chef fame) Hollywood Restaurant on October 20,